Entertaining & Educational Video


TV Style Bubble Art & Comedy

Mr. Carle has brought his soap bubble entertainment and expertise to The Science Channel, TV Land, The Discovery Channel, TV Tokyo and others.

And it's only a fraction of the content available from Casey Carle.

Available with Mr. Carle's diverse personality types from grand showman to witty comic to nerdy science guy... or any combination of the above.

Like a bubble, the possibilities are ever expanding for this master manipulator of soap and water!


BubbleMania: Comedy... with a Drip!

This 2 minute video captures many highlights from my comic entertainment show that guarantees to amaze and amuse every age. Some skills shown are presented only at theaters and other large venues. A scaled down version of the show is available for smaller community events such as libraries and festivals.


Casey Carle 2009 3D Interview

A 2009 interview with Casey Carle of Bubblemania! Filmed and produced in 3D. Youtube and web viewers note: Red/Green 3D glasses will help bring out the 3-D effect, but while the 3D effects work wonderfully on screen, it does not come across as well on the web.



"BubbleMania: The Expanding World of Bubble-ology!"
for Science Centers and Big Theater shows

"Playing the room is what I do best. Big room? More dynamic show. A repeat visit? I'll bring routines they didn't see last time! I've got 90+ minutes of proven material to amaze, amuse and inspire."

Casey Carle himself explains his even bigger, even more fantastic Bubble-ology for Science Centers nationwide and those big theaters that bus-in school groups by the hundreds. And there's more beyond what's in this video. Science Centers can choose between two different 30-35 minute shows. Big Theaters can get a solid 60-75 minutes of non-stop edu-tainment.


"BubbleMania: Science, Art & Comedy!"
for Schools and Small Educational Venues

"I had a blast with Jamey! The most entertaining interviewer I've met! I think we could have taken our shtik on the road!"

A unique and funny interview with Casey describing his popular school assembly and family-friendly science shows. Videographer and reporter Jamey Boyum of KLTV in Tyler, TX expertly brings out the zany fun that mirrors the show's appeal to all ages. The mystery finale - cleverly not shown in the video - is encasing a human in a giant bubble. Plenty of pics and video of this all over my sites. (Note: Casey is based in The Northeast where 70% of his school assemblies take place, but travels nationwide for multiple day gigs and bigger venues)

Even more videos can be found on Casey's Bubblemania! web site.