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Mr. Carle has brought his unique mixture of entertainment and expertise to The Science Channel, TV Land, The Discovery Channel, TV Tokyo and others.

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Available with Mr. Carle's diverse personality types from grand showman to witty comic to nerdy science guy... or any combination of the above.


Casey Carle blows them away in Brazil!

Bringing his talents to South American for the first time, Casey Carle's masterful manipulation of spherical liquids was a featured act on Domingão do Faustão (Big Fausto's Great Sunday) by far Brazil's most-viewed program and hosted the country's most popular and influential Television personalities, Faustão. Viewed each week by tens of millions, Domingão do Faustão has been broadcasting live entertainment since 1989.


Casey Carle on Best Night In on TVLand

Casey Carle with TVLands' Leila Sbitan
  • An Introduction to making your own soap bubble art.
  • Bubble Spaceship
  • Square Bubbles
  • Bubbles within Bubbles
  • Big Bubbles
  • Where to get the tools you need


Science Channels' Genius Physicist, Michio Kaku, uses Casey's Bubble Skills to Help Explain the Structure of our Universe(s!)

Dr. Kaku asked producers of the show to find a bubble expert to demonstrate manipulations that support the theories of the origins, structure and continuing development of the universe and "parallel universes"..

Filming of the segment took place at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Carle was filmed educating and engaging M.I.T. students in a lesson on "bubble-ology". Dr. Kaku looked on as if "stumbling across this event and realizing its applications to [his] lecture."